COVID-19 (Coronavirus) & Online Therapy

baby using a laptop

7th September 2020: Latest guidance from the Association of Clinical Psychologists states that: “Accepting that there are a number of features of the work of clinical psychologists that make the wearing of masks and face coverings less than ideal, face coverings still likely represent the best method of mitigation of the risk of infection inherent in the work. Decisions on exceptions and alterations will need to be made on a case by case basis. The evidence suggests that clinical psychologists returning to face to face work should recommend face coverings both for themselves and their clients.” As I feel that wearing masks for long periods is both uncomfortable and unhelpful for therapeutic work, I have decided to continue working online only for the foreseeable future. 

18th March 2020: I am currently following government guidance on ‘Social Distancing’ and as such have moved all my clinical work to online sessions using the platform Zoom. It is simple to use and I can send you detailed instructions if you are unsure. Alternatively, we can use email or telephone if you prefer. Unusual times call for creativity and we need to work hard to keep connecting with each other or our wellbeing will suffer.

I will revise this policy following any updates in guidance from the UK government and NHS.