Therapy for New Parents and their children

From conception through the early years

  • I specialise in working with new parents, from conception through to the early years. Pregnancy and the transition to becoming a mother or father is an emotional time, often triggering far buried memories and feelings about how we were parented. I offer a safe space for exploring ambivalence, loss, and struggles to bond with your baby. 
  • I work with step parents, grandparents, same sex parents, parents through IVF and adoption, as well as any of the other myriad ways you can become a parent.
  • Sometimes we are affected by an earlier traumatic experience which suddenly returns to us as our body changes, or we have to face intrusive examinations after an earlier miscarriage or traumatic birth. I have experience working with many families who have not had the chance to make sense of what happened to them, in order to feel prepared for what’s next. 
  • Sometimes as a baby grows into a more independent toddler who starts to say no, and express their big feelings, this can be a challenging stage of parenting. I work with families to help understand what is underneath their child’s behaviour and how best to build positive relationships for the future. This helps aid their development in school and elsewhere as they get older.